Nhung Phan would never imagine herself becoming an artist one day as she wasn’t born with obvious talent in creative arts such as music, dancing or painting. But she always knows what made her happy. It was doing makeup. She was able to work different color variations into a masterpiece and put colors together so that they complemented each other. Little that she knew, a great sense of color was also a gifted talent.

Over the years, her passion for art continued to grow stronger and stronger. She enrolled to study Cosmetology at Bale Beauty Academy, a specialized Institute in training the fields of beauty from the USA, where she got her very first major achievement, the Golden trophy at Makeup Artistry contest.

She then enrolled at the MBC Academy Beauty School from Korea and after graduated with Honor, she was offered a job opportunity right at the school, as a Makeup Instructor. She was really happy, as there is nothing better than being recognized by the experts in the Beauty industry.

After 7 years working for the MBC, she felt the need of having something for herself. The experience that she earned was absolutely a good preparation to start building her first business, the Wedding & Events studio.

During this time, she was drawn to Tattoo arts and Permanent Makeup (PMU) – shifting to a completely new field midway through the career is never easy but perhaps the love and passion for Beauty and Makeup have always been boiling in her. She dedicated her time as a PMU artist and trainer, trying to master her techniques and searching for new inspirations.

In 2015, after 7 years working as a PMU trainer, she had the urge of learning and updating new techniques as this was the only way to advance herself. That is when she started researching all the best international trainers and decided to pack her bags to travel to them to learn. That was probably the best decision she has ever made. Learning broadened her horizon and let her know there are much more about Permanent Makeup that she could explore. Each and every Trainer/Master she has learned from helping her excel her skills and shape her the way she is today.

The more she traveled, the more often she noticed that there were so many conferences about this field around the world but not a single one in Vietnam. In less than a year, the idea about Permanent Makeup Asia Conference (PMUAC) finally came to reality in March 2018 as the first and largest PMU conference in Vietnam and Asia. She is honored to initiate the project and that was her proudest achievement.

Currently, she is pioneering Permanent Makeup in Vietnam and leading artist when it comes to new techniques and products. She strongly believes that nothing is impossible as long as we work hard for it, with our whole heart and passion. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing she has brought more value to the industry and helped others.

“The only way to get on top is never be satisfied with your own results. Be content but never be satisfied.” – Ms. Nhung Phan