Satori Hairstrokes Technique™️ | Hairstrokes by machine

Satori Hairstrokes Technique™️ is the most advanced trademarked technique by Nhung Phan that enhances and delivers the hyper-realistic looks for eyebrows with machine. Using the machine to create individual strokes following the actual hair patterns helps to achieve a more subtle and realistic look. Most importantly the strokes retain and last longer as opposed to Microblading.

Sandy Brows®️

Sandy 1-2

Sandy Brows®️ is the newest trademarked technique from Ms. Nhung Phan. With this technique, not only does it emphasize the softness and crispiness of the pixelated powdery looks but it also doesn’t scab, hence results in high color retention (up to 90%). Therefore, this is the most wanted technique when it comes to ombré eyebrows.


DazzBlading™️ is a mixture between Dazzle Brows™️ and Microblading – a form of permanent make-up to enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. This combination will give you thin and defined hair strokes opposed to the conventional permanent make-up technique which can create a solid and unnatural ‘draw on’ look

Dazzle Brows™️

Dazzle Brows™️ helps achieve the desire of fullness for eyebrows by using machine to implant pigment in the skin. The technique creates a misty, filled brows similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The color transitions from light to dark giving that perfect ombré make-up effect.