After the procedure, your brows will look like you’re wearing makeup. You can still go about your daily activities as usual.

The next day, your brows may appear slightly larger and darker. This is completely normal as your brows start to scab. At this time, you should continuously apply water or Vaseline to keep your brows moisturized and aid in the scabbing process. If you follow our aftercare instructions, your brows should fully heal and return to normal within 4 – 5 days. You can track the real-time progress of your eyebrows each day here: 


In terms of the procedure, we will numb your eyebrows for 30 minutes. After that, Ms. Nhung will draw your brows. The shape of the brows will depend on your natural brows as well as facial features. After completing one side, Ms. Nhung will show it to you for approval, and once you agree, she will proceed to do the other side. When you approve of both sides, we will begin the procedure.

The eyebrow procedure will take about 45 – 90 minutes, depending on the technique you choose. Ombre shading will be quicker, while hairstrokes require more meticulousness and will take longer. To be safe, please allocate around 3 hours for your brows appointment.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 1,000,000VND must be in place to reserve your permanent makeup appointment.
  • Contact NP Brows & Lashes Team for detailed payment information. For the fastest response, contact us via our Facebook Messenger: m.me/npbrows. Available payment terms:
    • Cash
    • Bank transfer (TT)
    • For foreign customers: PayPal (4.6% transaction fee)
  • One deposit is limited to one customer per reserved slot.
  • Deposit is required to be made and verified by NP Brows & Lashes prior to appointments, otherwise, the reservation is voided.
  • A reservation is considered as “No Show” if the customer cannot be contacted within thirty (30) minutes unless otherwise provided by an adequate notice (24 hours advance notice).
  • Deposits are non-transferable.
  • Please be mindful that our daily slots are limited, any reserved space is marked off and scheduled just for you. Therefore, customers who no longer wish to receive the service due to change of mind or plans, are considered as forfeiting their deposits.
  • Customers who missed their reserved appointments 3 consecutive times or fail to give 24-hour cancellation notice to cancel their scheduled appointment; you are agreed to forfeit your deposit.

Please be mindful that our daily slots are limited, any reserved slot is marked off and scheduled just for you. For customers who missed their reserved appointments 3 consecutive times, a non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your next appointment. Customers who continue to miss this appointment are considered to forfeit their deposits.

If you already have lips filler, you need to wait 2 – 3 months for the filler to set in before getting lips service. If it’s the other way around, you need to wait 1 month after lips service to do filler.

When you come to our studio for lips service, we will choose the most suitable color for you based on your skin, hair and other elements. Everyone is different so it’s impossible to have an identical color with somebody else.

After eyeliner service, you should wait at least:

  • 1 month before getting eyelash extensions
  • 1 month before getting a lash lift
  • 2 weeks before applying mascara

Eyeliner service is suitable for almost all eyes – except for droopy/hooded eyeliner and thin skin (capillaries visible in the eyes area).

A touch-up appointment is made 4-6 weeks after your first procedure. During the healing process it is common for your cosmetic tattoo to fade up to 30%. It is also common for ‘flaking’ or dry patches to occur. Therefore, it is necessary for clients who wish to have it refined. Otherwise, a touch-up isn’t necessary for everyone who are happy with the results.

Please keep in mind that clients who wish to receive touch up, you will need to strictly follow the scheduled appointment to ensure the best result. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can reschedule by calling our hotline at (028) 6654 8686 or contact our Fanpage: NP Brows

However, we only tolerate a maximum of 2 consecutive appointment rescheduling for touch up procedures. Otherwise, an additional 50% of original service fee shall be applied for the 3rd rescheduling onwards.

The touch-up is not by required, as long as you’re happy with it. Touch-up only happens when you want to make necessary changes.

Our service fee is charged upon the first session and is considered as a complete payment. Clients do not need to pay anything extra when returning for second session (touch up), and since our touch up is free we do not provide return/refund of any sort for clients who are unable to receive the touch up. Our fee comes with 01 free touch up after 4 weeks (eyebrows and eyeliner) and after 2 months (lips).

In the event of customers miss their scheduled touch up appointment, an additional fee shall be applied to the following appointments:

  • 2 months after the initial touch up appointment: 50% of the original service fee
  • 4 months after the initial touch up appointment: 75% of the original service fee
  • 6 months after the initial touch up appointment: Considered as a new service

For example: You had your lips service on January 1, then your initial touch up appointment shall be scheduled on March 1. If you need to reschedule your touch up please make sure doing so within 2 months from the initial appointment to avoid additional fee. The additional fee is being applied as follows:

  • March 2 – May 1: No added fee
  • May 2 – July 1: 50% of the original fee
  • July 2 – September 1: 75% of the original fee
  • September 2 onwards: Considered as a new service