Dazzle Brows™️ helps achieve the desire of fullness for eyebrows by using machine to implant pigment in the skin. This technique creates a misty, filled brows similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The color transitions from light to dark giving that perfect ombré make-up effect.

Sandy Brows®️ is the newest Brows creation technique from Ms. Nhung Phan. With this technique, not only does it emphasize on the softness and crispiness of the pixelated powdery looks but it also doesn’t scab, hence results in high color retention (up to 90%). Therefore, this is the most wanted technique when it comes to ombré eyebrows.

DazzBlading™️ is a mixture between Dazzle Brows™️ and Microblading – a form of permanent make-up to enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. This combination will give you thin and defined hair strokes opposed to the conventional permanent make-up technique which can create a solid and unnatural ‘draw on’ look

Satori Hairstrokes Technique™️ is the most advanced technique to this date that enhances and delivers the hyper realistic looks for eyebrows with machine. Using the machine to create individual strokes following the actual hair patterns helps to achieve a more of subtle and realistic looks, most importantly the strokes retain more pigment and last longer as opposed to Microblading.


Amore Eyeliner™️ is the latest technique that can be done on almost everyone! Which means it also perfect for cover-up bad eyeliner work. Don’t worry about it looking too dark or aged you, Amore Eyeliner™️ will create the softest tail but very sophisticated looks, at the same time adding depth and definition to your eyes.

Luminous Eyeliner™️ – it integrates makeup style into permanent makeup that enhancing the makeup look on the eyes such as the colors appear to be progressively vanishing as another hue takes over, for an ombré eye that is fade-tastic!


Luscious Lips™️ is a type of permanent makeup in which it enhances the lips appearance to fuller, defined outlines and color restoration for pale lips. This technique will reduce the need to re-apply lipstick or lip gloss. It also helps correct and balance the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred. It can also enhance the natural color and shape of “perfect” lips.

Luminous Lips™️ is an advanced ombré lips shading technique where it emphasizes the softness and color transitions from light on the outer lips to dark on the inner lips without a defined outline. This way the lips will appear to be very natural

Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions is individual false lashes applied one by one to each of natural eyelashes. This creates the look of full, long, and dark eyelashes without the need for any mascara or strip lashes! When done correctly there is no damage to the natural lashes and extensions are light and natural looking

Volume eyelash extensions is multiple eyelashes attached to one eyelash. There are usually 2-6 false eyelashes placed on every natural lash for volume sets, depending on the desired look. Volume lashes give a much fuller and cleaner look

Tattoo Removal

There are many different methods but here at NP Brows & Lashes; we only do the safest technique using removal solution. This technique is a unique method of ink extraction for both Cosmetic and Body tattoo that guarantees:

– Less treatments
– Non-invasive
– No pain
– No selective colors
– Non-surgical
– No laser
– No scars
– No Acid PH
– Neither Acid Lactic nor Saline solution
– No redness or inflammation of the skin
– No bleaching
– No crust or pollution on the skin
– No hair loss